Blast Cleaning Wrexham

For blast cleaning in Wrexham. We are a professional sandblasting company based in Wrexham offering high quality mobile sandblasting or blast cleaning services throughout the Wrexham area and beyond. We can clean virtually any surface quickly and effectively. For highly efficient blast cleaning in Wrexham please view the rest of this site for details.

Posted 9 weeks ago
Blast Cleaning in Wrexham
We provide a fast efficient blast cleaning service throughout Wrexham, Chester, Ellesmere Port, Deeside and the rest of North Wales. We provide a mobile service and we can clean anything with the very latest sandblasting techniques. Our blast cleaning can be done inside or outside for all types of items. Glass, wood, metal, brick, stone, antiques, fireplaces, tanks, alloy wheels and all types of machineryIf you need blast cleaning in Wrexham or surrounding areas then please contact us.
Posted - January 2020